Marin Interagency Disaster Coalition

We see and know that disasters and their effects are growing in complexity and frequency. Our advanced and technological society has created for us a vulnerable and inter-dependent existence in which even the smallest scale disasters can have the most devastating of affects triggering unexpected consequences. Knowing this, we all share the responsibility to work together to ensure an efficient and effective response to the varieties and types of disasters we as a society face.

The Marin Interagency Disaster Coalition (MIDC) is the vehicle in Marin County for bringing us together to address our community’s needs during times of disaster. MIDC is focused on coordinating private, non-profit, community-based, and government sector organizations serving both human and animal needs following a disaster.

MIDC began in 1989 and continues today working towards the development and sustainment of a more resilient community. Our focus is on increasing partnerships between agencies and organizations throughout Marin County. MIDC is made up of members representing a broad spectrum of agencies and organizations with disaster roles. We are all working together to ensure that we are prepared and can collectively respond to the needs of our communities by identifying resources, services, and developing a network that will enable us to collectively respond to the needs of our community during a disaster.

We are committed to continuing our mission of developing a more disaster resilient Marin and strive to find those opportunities in which we can enhance our shared disaster response system. Over the past few years MIDC has:

  • Partnered in hosting the Annual Marin Disaster Readiness Conference
  • Held numerous topic specific partner workshops
  • Enhanced interagency collaboration and coordination
  • Developed an MIDC Emergency Management Plan
  • Begun the creation of a Marin Disaster Resource Directory

While we have accomplished quite a lot, there is much more to do. We are encouraged by the role MIDC is playing and encourage you to partner with us in our pursuits of meeting the disaster needs of our agencies, our organizations, and our community as whole.